Meet the Mori's

How we started out?

As a boy, Michael was spoiled with the love and affection from his great grandma's ragdoll. This inspired him to have one when he got older. Michael met his wife, Leila, who has a big place in her heart for animals. Together they ended up getting a ragdoll.. Then two.. And there you have it! The love for their furry friends continued and the  Mori family also feel with love with the charming face of the Scottish fold. Together the Mori's have four beautiful ragdoll kittens and one elegant Scottishfold. 

Today, the Mori's are Ragdoll Breeders and are a TICA registered cattery with the desire to provide American families with these loving, floppy and elegant household cats.

TICA Registered Cattery

Certificate of Registry



We have signed and abide by the Code of Ethics from TICA

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